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My 2019 Year End Review financial goals worksheet

What did my spending look like for all of 2019? Today, I’m showing you my year end recap, and breaking down my budget categories.







I’m the blogger behind I have a rambunctious 6-year-old son, live in Washington, and I’m passionate about helping people with money management and personal finance. Let me know what you like to learn more about! Leave me comments and suggestions on my video and let me know!

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My 2019 Year End Review

My 2019 Year End Review

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My 2019 Year End Review
financial goals worksheet
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38 thoughts on “My 2019 Year End Review financial goals worksheet”

  1. I started your Budget by Paycheck method and 2020 savings challenges in February. It makes me excited to sit down and budget every month. My spreadsheets look so much better. Looking at this I cant wait to do my yearly review this year.

  2. How do you cut out the guilt of seeing spending on “beauty” for more than 3x what your kid category is? I have such a hard time with seeing total numbers like that and not being able to see it in any other category like the “fun” category or anything else going specifically to him – specially if I’m receiving child support money – Something I struggled with my older kid – always felt like I didn’t want to be like that song : “ was supposed to get tyco with your money, went and got lipo with your money..” lol
    First world problems ..

  3. Love this video this is something I needed. Quick question ….do we include starting balance for the month as an expense category for every month or do I just include that as part of the income?

  4. I was a cash spender but did not do anything actually official spotted your channel for envelopes and joined you email course and changed my financial planning. Started Jan 1st just to get used to it. 27th is pay day which is for month Feb. all envelopes stuffed and will transfer savings on the 1st. without the official cash on envelope budget in 2 years I save nearly £20,000 and I'm purchasing an flat (apartment) which should finalise end of the month. my life has changed for the better feel more secure financially than ever before. I have my sinking funds for a holiday abroad the last was 15 years ago and a new pair of glasses which was 3-4 years ago (eyesight not changed much just wanted a new style of glasses). thank you for everything.

  5. That’s awesome that you are going to share some other budget examples! I find it hard to figure out the zillions of bills and expenses for a family of 4, with 4 paycheques a month (or 5). Tracking auto-pay things on credit card and on-line shopping (PayPal, etc).

  6. My husband and I started our journey a few months ago after purchasing your budget planner workbook and envelopes. We are making great guns! Embarrassingly in the process of actually tracking our spending we found we were still paying house insurance on a home we sold over 5 years ago…5 YEARS ago. Thankfully the bank we bank with is going to repay the money..that’s $120 a month over more than 5 years. So from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for making a huge difference in the lives of people who find you!

  7. My bank charges me a 25 dollar fee if i don't have a certain amount in i don't know how i could pull money out for the cash envelope system.

  8. I am addicted!! Thank you for covering all you did in this video. I LOVE the idea of going over more budget scenarios! Especially now that you are done with debt. (I know it was a year ago, but CONGRATULATIONS!!!)

  9. I started using your Budget by Paycheck method in November. Boy am I glad I did! I lost my job last week. Instead of panic, I felt a calm because I have enough saved to give me some time to find a job that's a great fit for me. Thank you, Miko!!!

  10. Hello! Just starting my budgeting/cash system journey. One question that I have (so far I havent come across the answer, sorry if I've missed it!) but.. when you reach a sinking fund goal what do you do with the money? Do you just leave it in the envelope and use the cash when it comes time for a birthday or event.? What about if its something like Disney, that you would be most likely using a debit card to book online? Do you have a specific account you would make a deposit to for that, or add it to your general checking account?

  11. So glad you had a break down of your saving goals but how to do separate them in your bank account. Are you able to open multiple saving account with one bank?

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