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Importance of Financial Management | FM101 financial management

Every business firm needs financial management. No business organization will bexome succesful without the importance of financial management.

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Importance of Financial Management | FM101

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Importance of Financial Management | FM101
financial management
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24 thoughts on “Importance of Financial Management | FM101 financial management”

  1. After watching the video I learned that the Financial Government is important because it will help how the business is profitable and it will also help in the capable use of essential economic resources. It also provides strategies and techniques to manage money. And It is also important because they are part in making decisions for the company because it is the blood of an organization. Thank you sir. Godbless po!

    Nikabulin, Alrazdi Jr. Dimananal

  2. Financial management plays an important role in running a business. Through financial planning it helps determine financial need of the business firm. Acquisition of funds plays a major part jn financial management because it needs to acquire needed funds possible source of finance at minimum cost. The proper use of funds can lead to improve the business operation of the business efficiently. Financial decision is the backbone of the organization for having a solid financial decision. Through finncial management it also helps improve the profit of the business organization and also help increase rhe wealth of the stakeholders. It also promote savings when profit has been maximized.

  3. After I watched the video presentation, I learned about the importance of financial management. Financial management can help every organization to be prepared financially. I've also learned that it is very crucial because without it any business firm will not be able to plan their financial needs. Financial management is needed to be able to finance their business activities efficiently.

    Marcial, Desiree C.

  4. I have learned that as a business grows and matures, it will need more cash to finance its growth. Planning and budgeting for these financial needs is crucial. Deciding whether to fund expansion internally or borrow from outside lenders is a decision made by financial managers. Financial management is finding the proper source of funds at the lowest cost, controlling the company's cost of capital and not letting the balance sheet become too highly leveraged with debt with an adverse effect of its credit rating.

  5. After watching this video, I've learned that Financial Management plays a big role in a business organization. A business without Financial Management might lead to bankruptcy. Proper use and allocation of funds leads to improve the operational efficiency of the business concern.

    Herjas, Ella Maureen B.

  6. After watching the video presentation, I have learned a lot especially how important financial management in an organization. Financial Management is one of the most integral part of overall business organization. It plays an important role because they are the one who is making decision in terms of managing the money of the organization. For the financial managers they must have an excellent knowledge about effective and efficient utilization of finances. Thus, Financial Managenent is crucial because it is directly connected to other areas of business organization.

  7. Financial management is one of the most important aspects in business. In order to start up or even run a successful business, you will need excellent knowledge in financial management. This assists organisation in the planning and acquisitions of funds, the proper use of funds, financial decisions and it improves profitability.

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  8. On this video, the importance of financial management was well explained. Financial management helps the organinzation to prepare for their future needs. Financial management is also the department that finds source of funds. Financial management studies the funds to know on how to properly use the funds. This is also helps the organinzation when it comes to financial decisions.


  9. The importance of financial management is broader than what others think. Financial management is known for making the business profitable and achieve its goal by conducting a financial planning up to the effective utilization of the funds. But in the broader concept its importance was not only affects the business firms but also in increasing the value of the economy and nation as a whole.


  10. After I watched the video, I learned that Financial management helps to improve the profitability position of the concern with the help of strong financial control devices such as budgetary control, ratio analysis and cost volume profit analysis. Increase the Value of the Firm. It is an
    essential part of every business organization because it helps the business to improve, achieve their goals, and have a financial stability. It helps organisations in financial planning, asists organizations in the planning and acquisition of funds, helps organizations in effectively utilizing and allocating the funds received or acquired and helps in improving the profitability of organizations.

    Glazy Mae D. Dela Peña

  11. I have learned in this video that financial management is important to any business. Financial Management is really necessary to any business because, if they do not have a financial management, their business will not work and it may lead to bankruptcy. And also, having a financial management in your business will help to grow and improve your business.


  12. In financial management, we should know the important of financial management, for effective and smooth running of the business. financial planning, acquisition of funds proper use of funds, financial decision, improve profitability ,increasing the value of the firm, promoting savings.

  13. Financial management is an essential part of every business oragnization, it help to achieve their goal And improve the business.The business concern cannot function without the importance of the financial management.

  14. I've learned in this video that financial management is the essential part of any business also the importance of financial management from planning, financial decision and promoting savings so that stakeholders can save money also without financial management in any business, business will never be able to survive because financial managements are the one who manage the finances of any organization.


  15. De Luna, Angeline Sequeña (CBET-22-102P)

    I have learned in this video that the Finance is vital part and the lifeblood of the company. I also learned that the importance of Financial Management are:
    1. Financial Planning – A company needs to have a financial planning in order to have a plan in their financial needs to sustain the business and without financial planning, any businesses will not push through.
    2. Acquisition of Funds- A company also needs to source funds to perform the business operation.
    3. Proper use of Funds- Financial manager needs to use and allocate the funds in an efficient way to maintain the business organization and to prevent it from dying.
    4. Financial Decision- Financial management is connected to other departments and to avoid any problems or damage with other department, Financial managers should be good at decision making.
    5. Improve the profitablity- Financial Management helps to improve the financial profitability and the stability of the business organization.
    6. Increasing the value of the firm- Financial managers are also assigned or will be the one who will increase the profit and wealth of the stakeholders of the business.
    7. Promoting Savings- savings is only for the business who earns high profitability. Financial Management will help the company to promote savings that will help the business organization itself.

  16. After watching the video, I learned more about the importance of financial management. Financial management is one of the integral part in any business. Without the financial management, the organization will not function well. Every organization must obtain and allocate well the resources for them to know it's financial performance. It can also help them to make a financial decisions. The financial managers also will gain a better understanding of how and how much they can impact the business with their decisions.

    Thank you for the video sir! We really appreciate it!

    -Miaral, Christelle Jane A.
    CBET 22-102P

  17. Financial Management is very important in any business organization. Since they built the business to gain profit and financial management is the one who is responsible to manage its money. Financial Managers must know the importance of financial management so that they can perform their roles and duties well. This management is important in the business because business activities depend on the finances of the business, meaning the business concern cannot function without the importance of financial management.


  18. Every business needs financial management, because it is the one who manage the finances whether it is small or large business. Financial Management stand as the foundation and one of the essential parts of the organization, because it is the who’s responsible for planning, manage funds and make financial decisions. Financial Management also the one who source fund and decide whether to continue the project, borrow funds or to stop.


  19. Financial management is like the first time riding a bike without the support

    wheels when it comes to business cannot survive or operate without it. In general, of all,

    the allocations of funds in a business cannot be missed like taking a meal every day.

    Making a wise decision will prevent you from making a mistake. And lastly, the business

    will bloom from a small flower to a wonderful one if you put your full attention to it. That is why financial management is very important


  20. Financial Management is essential in every business and organization. The business cannot function without the importance of financial management. They are the most essential branch management that helps on how the money will circulate and will flow efficiently to make the value of the firm increase and to maximize the profitability in one's firm.


  21. I've learned that Financial Management is important because it can help how the business will make profit and it also helps in making an efficient use of important economic resources. It also gives strategies and methods to manage money. It is also important as it holds a big part in making decisions for the company as it is the lifeblood of an organization.


  22. the financial management is important in business organization because it deals with procurement of funds and effective utilization in the business. if the business does not involve the financial management it's not consider a business and one important of overall management , financial management it covers the multi-dimensional approaches directly related with various functional department.


  23. Financial management is significant to every business, may it be small or big. That every decision that a financial manager makes has a financial impact on the company, and he has to make these decisions within the total aspect of the business . Additionally, Financial administration holds or tells if a business is running effective and efficient.

    Dulay, Aaliyah Mae R.

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