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Home » Here's What Caused the Great Recession | History financial crisis 2008 explained

Here's What Caused the Great Recession | History financial crisis 2008 explained

Discover the confluence of events that prompted the Great Recession in America and its main culprit: the subprime mortgage housing crisis. Learn how the Great …

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Here's What Caused the Great Recession | History

Here's What Caused the Great Recession | History

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Here's What Caused the Great Recession | History
financial crisis 2008 explained
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40 thoughts on “Here's What Caused the Great Recession | History financial crisis 2008 explained”

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  2. America had it easy compared to other parts of the world. In Europe this great recession was followed by the eurozone crisis which lasted for years.
    I already had to learn about this recession in my history class back in 2011.

  3. This is a result of deregulation.

    I knew a real estate agent who was doing really really well for two years before the crash. She sold real estate left and right and made a ton of money. She said people were idiots buying far more than they could afford with a ARM loan.

    She says she feels no guilt. She said these were adults who made their own decisions. If she didn't sell the home, then someone else would of.

    She told me everyone got in the business of selling homes back then. Getting a mortgage from the bank was extremely easy and very few were denied a loan application. Pretty much if you had a job for a year and a credit score above 540, you shouldn't have a problem getting an ARM loan. FHA was even easier.

  4. During covid pandemic, BLM movement, Trump-driven and other agendas there are more people jobless now and even more businesses close… but no one cares anymore. WHY you ask? Last year 3 trillion was injected in the market and the majority of it ended up in the stocks, yet people are hungry. if you think that 2008 was bad, brace for 2021/22

  5. Oversimplified explanation. Doesn't even mention how banks and lenders sold the toxic debt to other banks and labeled it as AAA. There was a lot of fraud but nobody cared because lenders made commission on each loan and once they soldt the debt they didn't give 2 $hit$.
    This is like an explanation you would see on Sesame Street. Watered down history channel explanation…..

  6. Gen X caused the Great Recession. Gen Xers were high spenders during the housing bubble. Houses went from small ranch homes to large cookie-cutter McMansions.. all in just under two decades. I see consumerism as a waste. I also don’t buy things I don’t need.

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  8. So pretty much it was because banks are very reliant on government bailouts and can take risky business practices bc the government will always be there to bail them out? Maybe government shouldnt be so involved with people's lives

  9. you shouldn't be borrowing money in the first place. it kinda bothers me when people own things that they shouldn't be owning – pretending to be rich. and then they get stuck in a never ending debt trap. in order to continue living, you gotta borrow even more money. imagine applying this principle to World of Warcraft's economy or any other mmorpg. it would be so ridiculous to see players borrow money just to buy the best armor best weapon in a video game. it would cause a warped economy.

  10. Some people blame Obama for this when all this started in George W. Bush's time, thanks to Bush is why we had this recession and the country was in huge debt. More reasons why the Electoral College should be abolished, which helped Bush win on 2 occasions, Al Gore should've been president in 2000 and John Kerry should've avoided a Bush 2nd term in 2004, had Al Gore or John Kerry been president in 2004-2008 the recession would've not have happened.

  11. In 1992 the Federal Government forced Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to loan to people with ‘bad credit’. Then the government gets to pretend like if they didn’t do anything to save their own problem it would’ve been much worse

  12. They called it the great recession .Why? Under President Carter it was far worse. I know an PhD Economist who said the true unemployment rate then was 22%.. I guess.a catchy phrase works..

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