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Financial Books to Read financial books

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About this video: I go over the best financial books to read that help with your personal finance and building wealth. The financial books are all ones I have read and have had a positive impact on my finances. The books I’m recommending, I believe they can help you as well. Let me know down below if you read any of these financial books and what your thoughts are on them. As well as any additional books you would recommend to others and why. Thank you for watching and joining in on the conversations.

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✅ Recommended Books 📖
📗Personal Finance (Money Makeover)
📙Retirement (Retire Inspired)-
📘Investing (The Intelligent Investor)-
📚Building Wealth (Millionaire Next Door)-
📔 Motivation (Crush It)-

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Financial Books to Read

Financial Books to Read

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Financial Books to Read
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10 thoughts on “Financial Books to Read financial books”

  1. Some good books there… I'll need to add the ones I haven't read and that weren't already on my to read list onto the to read list (you don't want to know how long that thing is).
    Since I'm assuming you will have finished reading Crush It by now, what did you think of it?

  2. Awesome list of books. Total Money Makeover is a legend. Retired inspired is an awesome book. I love me some Chris Hogan. His voice is amazing. Another good book I read is "You're Broke Because You Want To" – by Larry Winget.

  3. I have read two of the books you recommended: Total Money Makeover and Millionaire next Door. I am listening to some oldies but goodies on Audibles: Automatic Millionaire by David Bach, Know Your Worth by Elizabeth Warren ,and The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

  4. Thanks for the info on the books. These books will definitely shed some light in some people who need it. Was waiting on this video lol. Also, wasn't the millionaire next door updated to the millionaire mind? Just asking.

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