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Air powered car – Green Technology technology car

Tata Motors Car, powered by compressed air is one of the most environmental friendly machines. It doesn’t cost a fortune to purchase fuel (compressed air) is only a fraction of the cost for conventional gasoline engines.

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Air powered car – Green Technology

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Air powered car – Green Technology
technology car
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30 thoughts on “Air powered car – Green Technology technology car”

  1. The problem with Technologies like this is when they go to build the actual car, they try to reinvent the wheel and it comes out looking ugly. If you want people to adopt renewable drive trains like this, Hydrogen or electric, make it look and drive like a normal car. Trying to get people to adopt new things is difficult enough, don't also make them have to accept such an ugly design.

  2. Does it have to be AC car
    Countries like India where most of the year its good climate, we need to avoid AC

    AC has made people cut trees
    They think AC provide good air than trees
    Misleading people

    Trees give oxygen, shade, fresh breeze, cool environment, birds, mulch gotten from falling dry Leaves twigs etc.. ecological restoration

    But humans keep spoiling ecological design again and again

  3. They want you to believe this car cant be mass produced. Thats why it only has one front wheel and looks very dorky. We probably knew about this technology before the gas engine was invented

  4. NOT ROCKET SCIENCE – 2 tanks under body will do about do 200klm with 2 people speed aprox120 km per hr 🙂
    Good idea FOR city use
    china – asia- india with big population, will luv these free fuel cars
    use solar to power toroad side compressors or fill up at garages lol 🙂 (Y)
    i'm a big fan of this idea 1 day it'll happen when fuel smog kills all ,
    well it is already happening in Asia- china etc city's bad SMOG cough cough smog alert MASK ON now u see on tv

  5. This will never work commercially. Yes if you use a wind turbine it will not put out emissions. It will also not produce emissions if you use a wind turbine to power an electric car the only difference would be an electric car would go much further and faster. As I said this will never work commercially so I won't be expecting to see any on the road or at my local dealer.

  6. Actually this would not be implemented sadly 🙁 I have made a replica of this car with lego technic (yes ima genius :3) It works great and all but the compressed air doesnt last very long. what would be creative would be when the air is compressed into a liquid (which takes lesss space) and then when its needed, it will somehow convert liquid back to gas and then pressure the pistons.

  7. and how does the air get there using an electronic compressor probably, probably uses more energy than just to run an electronic motor the only "free" energy source we get is the sun. and the technology isnt there to be reliable yet. Ud be more effceint using steam by burning wood and to be carbon nuetral plant 5 trees for every 1 tree you cut down.

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