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3 STOCKS Cathie Wood IS BUYING NOW financial education

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Welcome into another video! Thanks for stopping by and I know I got your attention with Cathie Wood Stocks. So in this video, I will talk about 3 stocks Cathie Wood and Ark Invest are invested in. I will tell you what I think about these Cathie Wood stocks and if I am interested in buying! Smash the like button if you like this video where I talk about Cathie Wood and Ark Invest Stocks. Leave me a comment with your thoughts on Cathie Wood Stocks and Also what stocks to buy now.

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Financial Education

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LMK if you know any stocks to buy now or stocks to watch! .

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41 thoughts on “3 STOCKS Cathie Wood IS BUYING NOW financial education”

  1. I actually own 2 of the stocks mentioned, which is good, what I'd like to know is what stocks can I buy to raise about $400k in 5months, I have set asides $150k for stocks.

  2. Just 3 month ago my entire portfolio dipped an entire 30% I lost my mind ! My portfolio is value at over $2m with an initial investment of $500k I want to stop doing risky investments it’s not worth it . I feel broken lol and burn out anyways awesome video

  3. Bummer, wish you would have done a video when she was adding DKNG would have loved to hear your thoughts on that industry since you really don't talk about anything even close to industry but WYNN. DKNG just bought out GNOG, too.

  4. Meetings is just one of many ways zoom is being used. Many educational instituitions, private enrichment businesses turn to zoom as temporary measure due to restrictions on physical classes. Even events, shows and competitions have turned to zoom for the short term. As covid gets better, many businesses have stopped using zoom. For these functions, zoom is not there to stay. To invest in zoom I'll have to see how it performs in the post covid world.

  5. Even Cathie makes mistakes. Zoom is going to lose most market share to Microsoft Teams (as you hinted in video). Most of our customers already moved. Teams actually has better features anyway.

  6. Good stocks, but we need more than three stocks to thrive through this dip. Any suggestions on how to make huge returns even in this market dip?

  7. Check out DKNG big catalyst with football season starting Thursday. Arkk buying like crazy and they opened an NFT market place. Bounced off $44-45 and had a good couple of weeks

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